Another way (with vegetables)

Austrian premiere!

BE, 2015, 67 min, OV with English subtitles
Regie: Anne Closset

2. April

mit Katrin Wankhammer (Bio-Fuchs)

Südwind Aktivist*innen

Another Way asks whether a citizens´ experiment developing new partnership models between farmers and consumers has the power to change society. Starting with the solidarity purchase group of which she is a member, director Anne Closset joins a dynamic network that takes her on a journey from Brussels to Zagreb to meet a rapidly-growing movement: CSA (Community-supported Agriculture).

As eaters and producers re-establish a direct link, they set up an alternative, short channel, mode of consumption that is mindful of all living things. Through food, which concerns everyone, the CSA experiment puts the human factor back at the center of exchanges.

Can we become agents of change?