Black Hole

European premiere!

AU, 2015, 104 min, English OV with German subtitles
Directed by: João Dujon Pereira

April 9th

System Change not Climate Change Graz, ÖH Alternativreferat


One Mining Company, a 965 day blockade, over 300 voluntary arrests…

The stage has been set for one of the most intriguing David and Goliath battles in Australia’s history. Black Hole is the story of the fight to save the Leard State Forest from one of the most controversial coal mining projects – Whitehaven’s Maules Creek Coal Mine.

Set against the backdrop of the mining industry’s ever-increasing thirst for fossil fuels, Black Hole is an intense and riveting exposé of the tensions between large corporations, the Australian government and the community. In this revealing documentary, director João Dujon Pereira asks us to examine the future of coal, corporate responsibility and the rights governments afford to people vs polluters.